Avoiding Online Selling Scams

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The Web 3.0 has given people the ability to buy and sell nearly anything they want from the convenience of their home computer or mobile device. This uptick in consumer behavior has not gone unnoticed by individuals willing to utilize scams to defraud unaware sellers.  The aim of this post is to provide sellers with […]

What is ransomware?

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Ransomware is a type of malware software designed to lock access to a computer system or to its files. The computer user cannot regain control of their system or data until payment is made to the attacker. A key driver behind ransomware attacks for a cybercriminal is financial gain. The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center […]

Securing Your Home Wi-Fi Network

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The number of devices being brought into modern homes and connected to the Internet are growing at a staggering rate. With off the shelf Wi-Fi routers and voice activated assistance devices connected to Wi-Fi televisions, Wi-Fi thermostats, and Internet connected security cameras, securing your home Wi-Fi network has never been more vital. If these devices […]

Mobile Device Security While Traveling

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Before you depart, update your mobile device to the latest software version and do a complete device backup. The importance of these actions cannot be overlooked. Everyone is busy in today’s modern age but to save time, turn on automatic updates for both the mobile device and applications. Keeping your device updated ensures you have […]

Tax Return Scams

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During tax season taxpayers have an invisible target on their back.  Criminals are constantly seeking ways to hit this moving target by implementing various scams.  The goal of this post is to provide tax payers with actionable knowledge to avoid tax scams and not be an easy target.  The four top scams reported by the […]

Password Security

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Writing down your email password “Unbreakable-in-year04” on paper and taping it to the underside of your keyboard is not a good password security strategy. Because the password is not visible to everyone does not mean it is secure. Anyone that has access to your area will in theory have access to your password on the […]

Safe Cyber Shopping

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As more people log onto the Internet and make holiday purchases no one is thinking they will become a victim of cybercrime. This can be derived from the 2018 Deloitte holiday survey where consumers indicated their average holiday spend will increase from $1,226 to $1,536. Seeking to maximize their purchasing powers, shoppers are turning to […]

Disposing of Electronic Devices

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The price of computers are dropping every year due to advancements in technology. This has enabled more households to upgrade computing devices more often than ever before. All this combines to create an excess of old computers sitting idle and not being utilized. Disposing of an old computer may seem as simple as placing it […]

Mobile Device Security

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Cybercriminals are swiftly turning to targeting mobile devices as the number of mobile device users continues to rapidly increase.  This upsurge has increased the growing number of potential victims. The growth of smart mobile device has brought with it the capability to perform functions once reserved for desktop or laptop devices. Now you can store […]