Securing Your Home Wi-Fi Network

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The number of devices being brought into modern homes and connected to the Internet are growing at a staggering rate. With off the shelf Wi-Fi routers and voice activated assistance devices connected to Wi-Fi televisions, Wi-Fi thermostats, and Internet connected security cameras, securing your home Wi-Fi network has never been more vital. If these devices […]

Mobile Device Security

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Cybercriminals are swiftly turning to targeting mobile devices as the number of mobile device users continues to rapidly increase.  This upsurge has increased the growing number of potential victims. The growth of smart mobile device has brought with it the capability to perform functions once reserved for desktop or laptop devices. Now you can store […]

What Is Malware?

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Malware, or “malicious software,” is a catch all term for software code designed to access or damage a computer, computer networks, tablets, and mobile devices, without the computer user knowledge or consent. In addition, malware can be used to encrypt, delete, or steal your information contained in the computer. There are various types of malware, […]